Saxon Grandeur Brass Telescope


Designed for both appearance and performance, this expertly hand-crafted polished brass telescope is suitable for terrestrial and celestial observing.

The Saxon Grandeur Brass Telescope comes with a fully-coated 80mm achromatic objective lens, 900mm focal length, precision rack-and-pinion focuser, 6×30 achromatic brass finder scope, 45-degree correct-image amici prism and a natural mahogany hardwood tripod.


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Saxon Grandeur Brass Telescope


Made from polished brass, the hand-crafted Saxon 80/900 Grandeur Brass Telescope is a classically designed instrument for your leisure and professional stargazing and terrestrial observation use.

You’ll appreciate both the beautiful design and the functionality of this easy-to-maintain telescope with its 80mm achromatic objective lens, 900mm focal length and natural mahogany hardwood tripod.

The Saxon Grandeur Brass Telescope is guaranteed to make a statement in your home or office.