Baader Contrast Booster Filter 1.25″

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  • A screw in filter to your eyepiece that boost contrast
  • Removes the bluish hue / lack of contrast during lunar, planetary, solar and terrestrial observation
  • A unique filter, especially designed to improve the beginners telescope
  • Blocks atmospheric stray light (skyglow), the sky background turns into pitch black
  • Removes unsharp stars images when using red-sensitive digital and CCD cameras

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Manufacturer Baader Planetarium
SKU (#) 2458360
EAN Code 4047825009517
Net weight (kg) 0.004
Transmission Range multiple bands (see spectral image)
Filter Thickness (without cell) 1 mm
AR-Coating Phantom Coating® Group, planeoptically polished
Filter size 1 25 inch
Filter Usage Contrast Enhancement, Color Correction, IR-Cut, Planetary
Filter mounted Mounted (LPFC 6mm)
Type of Filter Bandpass
Single or Set? Single Filter
Filter shape round


  • Eliminates the colour error of economy refractors.
  • Clearly puts the real quality of the lens on display.
  • Removes the bluish “hue” (=lack of contrast) during lunar-, planetary-, solar- and terrestrial observation.
  • Strongly emphasizes surface detail on Jupiter and Mars.
  • Over 95 % transmission – provides a bright, brilliant image compared to the usual dark green colour filters, used to bring out detail on Jupiter.
  • Colour recognition will be retained.
  • The ultimate in lunar filters. Moon (and Sun) appear much more natural in color (with a slight yellowish tint), compared to the usual low priced dark green Moon-filters, usually offered for beginners telescopes.