Baader Semi Apo Filter 1.25″

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  • A screw in filter to your eyepiece combining two popular filters
    • Fringe-Killer with Moon & Skyglow filters
  • Delivers amazingly colour corrected images
  • Drastic contrast enhancement for all telescopes, without loss of image brightness
  • Provides the brightest image of all industrially produced colour error correction systems
  • Fringe Killer is a must for even the smallest telescopes.

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Manufacturer Baader Planetarium
SKU (#) 2458398
EAN Code 4047825009340
Net weight (kg) 0.06
Transmission Range multiple bands (see spectral image)
Filter Thickness (without cell) 1 mm
AR-Coating Phantom Coating® Group, planeoptically polished
Filter size 1 25 inch
Filter Usage CCD, Color Correction, IR-Cut
Filter mounted Mounted (LPFC 6mm)
Type of Filter Bandpass
Single or Set? Single Filter
Filter shape round

Features:  (Moon & Skyglow)

  • Selective contrast filter, especially suitable for all reflector telescopes
  • Filters out specific wavelengths, especially those caused by streetlight and most importantly their scattered light which lightens up the night sky
  • Selective blocking retains natural colours intact but with RGB significantly enhanced, differences in colour and brightness persist.
  • 95% transmission in the selected spectral range.
  • Fits all standard filter threads and can be combined with other filters – e.g. the planeoptically
    polished (!) Baader planetary colour filters. This way, you can see fine details better or combine several images with a monochrome camera to achieve colour images.
  • The filter is at the same time optimised for Astrophotography due to it‘s full UV/IR-blocking coating. When used with DSLRs, stars will remain much tighter, because the unfocussed UV and IR parts of the spectrum are blocked out.
  • Planeoptically polished; can be used without problems in front of a binoviewer or for afocal photography – far away from the focus without loosing sharpness!
  • The fine-optical polish and absence of wedge error in the glass ensure perfect sharpness when magnifying more than 200x – while the much cheaper “fire -polished” filter glasses destroy the optical wavefront at high mags

Features:  (Fringe Killer)

  • The fringe killer blocks defocused light in the blue spectrum, as well as in the red part of the spectrum (IR) above 700nm, usually seen in small achromat telescopes.
  • The smaller details on craters of the Moon and planetary surfaces are so much more visible!
  • Planeoptically polished; can be used well before the focal point of the optical system, without any loss of sharpness, as a single filter in front of a binocular for afocal projection with digital cameras.
  • Provides the brightest picture of all industrially manufactured colour error-correction systems. Thus, the Fringe-Killer is a must for small refractors!