Baader UHC-S / L-Booster Filter 1.25″

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The Baader UHC-S  screw in filter is ideal for nebular viewing and produces a much brighter image with superb contrast.

  • A visual and photographic Nebula filter
  • Ultra High Contrast L Filter blocks city lights and increases contrast of Nebula
  • Drastic contrast enhancement for all telescopes, without loss of image brightness
  • For observing and imaging Emission objects

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Planeoptically polished for the highest images quality. Produces a much brighter image with superb contrast than a conventional Nebula filter. Excellent for openings from 100mm.

Nebula Filter with highest transmission and realistic star colours.

A new class of LPR Nebula filters finally delivering the happy medium, with enough light for smaller telescope openings at the same time with the high contrast of classical UHC filter.

Light pollution from street lights is blocked carefully. The filter is the sensible addition to all previous deep sky and UHC filters. Both for visual as well as photographic use.

All filters produce a brighter image and are optically polished with ultra-hard dielectric coatings. They are absolutely scratch resistant and can be cleaned as often as needed, ideally with Baader Optical Wonder Cleaning Fluid.


Manufacturer Baader Planetarium
SKU (#) 2458275
Net weight (kg) 0.06
Transmission Range multiple bands (see spectral image)
Filter Thickness (without cell) 2 mm
AR-Coating dielectrically coated, planeoptically polished
Filter size 1 25 inch
Filter Usage Contrast Enhancement, Light Pollution Reduction, Luminance
Filter mounted Mounted (LPFC 6mm)
Type of Filter Bandpass
Single or Set? Single Filter
Filter shape round