Celestron Binocular Tripod Adapter

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The Celestron Binocular Tripod Adapter allows you to mount your binoculars to a tripod for added stability and convenience.

Using an adapter and tripod provides good support for all binoculars, and is highly recommended for binoculars with a power higher than 10X or for additional hands free viewing.


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Using your binoculars with a tripod is a great way to rest your arms and steady the image while viewing.

Most binoculars will have a screw thread located at the end of the binocular in between the objective lens where you can attach the adapter firmly buy screwing the adapter to the binocular.

Sometimes a screw cap will be attached to cover the adapter thread, this will need to be removed before attaching the adapter.


Screw thread size: 1/4 inch

Weight: 90 grams

Material: Metal


*Adelaide Optical Centre recommend you check your binocular for the attachment thread before purchasing a tripod adapter