Celestron Neutral Density 0.9 Moon Filter

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The Celestron Neutral Density moon filters is a must have for any new astronomer or telescope purchase.

The filter easily screws into the bottom of your eyepiece and offers the following benefits:

  • Reduces brightness
  • Cuts glare
  • Increases clarity of the Moon
  • Provides a true-colour image
  • Threads on to any Celestron 1.25” eyepiece

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Celestron Neutral Density 0.9 Moon Filter

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The Celestron Neutral Density Moon Filter attaches to a 1.25” eyepiece to lower the amount of light entering the eyepiece by 87%.

The Moon is one of the most viewed objects in the sky, but you shouldn’t be deprived of its features due to brightness.

This filter only allows 13% of the telescope’s light to reach the eyepiece, making it a lot more comfortable to view.

Unlike colour filters, the Neutral Density Moon filter affects all colours of the visible spectrum evenly, darkening the image without shifting the colour.

Some Moon filters are #58 Green filters, and while they work well for cutting glare, they also add an unnatural green cast to the Moon’s surface.

The Neutral Density Moon filter gives a true colour image.

This filter is also great for helping to cut glare and increase contrast when viewing bright planets like Venus or Jupiter, or even to dim bright stars when splitting close double stars.

The filter is glass with an aluminium cell that attaches to 1.25” eyepieces and is threaded on both sides so it can be stacked with colour filters.