Celestron Starpointer Pro

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The Starpointer Pro finderscope is an upgrade to the standard red dot finder scope.

Includes the below features:

  • Large 40mm optical window
  • Brighter LED
  • Dual circle projection
  • Dovetail connection to telescope tube


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StarPointer Pro  finderscope was designed for astronomers by astronomers to provide the easiest experience locating celestial objects in the night sky

Whether you are new to the astronomy or a seasoned amateur astronomer, you will appreciate StarPointer Pro’s thoughtful design features.

While a red dot can obstruct your desired target, StarPointer Pro projects two circular LED reticles.

Just place your target inside the circles and it is ready to view in the eyepiece.

The circles also serve as a measuring tool while starhopping.

For added convenience, StarPointer Pro offers a 40 mm optical window with a large field of view.

StarPointer Pro attaches quickly to any telescope and secures with a dovetail connection and finger knobs. No screwdriver needed!

Lens Diameter 40mm
Battery 1x CR2032 (included)
Mounting Brackets Included 1x Large Schmidt-Cassegrain|1x Small Schmidt-Cassegrain|1x Small Telescope with dovetail mount|1x Small telescope with holes for threaded posts
Product Dimensions
Length 6″
Width 2″
Height 3.5″
Weight 5 oz