MaxDetail Clip (for near)

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  • Magnification: 2x
  • Lens Type: Galilean
  • Lens Size: Choice of 5 lens heights to allow an optimal line of sight
  • Field of view: Wide field of view of 13 degrees
  • PD Range: 62-70 mm
  • Weight: 0.8 oz.
  • Accessories: Sturdy, protective, framed nylon (with zipper) case included
  • Miscellaneous: Large working distance of 16 inches

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Designed for patients who have a refractive error AND want the convenience of an off-the-shelf, near, telescopic system, the MaxDetail? Clip allows both needs to be met. With its unique clip-on design, the MaxDetail? Clip includes most of the same features of the popular MaxDetail?: 2x magnification, hands-free design, large working distance, and wide field of view.?It?is ideal for reading books or newspapers, the print on computer screens, or other extended near tasks.

In addition, its clip-on design permits patients to integrate their correction with these features so a clear, magnified image is achieved. Unlike the MaxDetail, there are no dials to focus to adjust for a spherical correction!

The MaxDetail? Clip has a number of features that maximize its usefulness. First, there are 5 vertical lens heights from which to choose to assure correct pupil alignment. Second, the convenient hinged clip mechanism allows the lenses to be flipped up, and out of the way, when not needed or not in use. And third, the MaxDetail? Clip is equipped with rubber-covered jaws to prevent the clip from scratching the patient’s eyewear.

Best of all, the MaxDetail? Clip provides the most valued benefit of a near, Galilean telescopic system; that is, a long working distance. Comparably powered spectacle solutions provide only about a 5-inch working distance, whereas the MaxDetail Clip provides a full 16-inch working distance, about 3 times the distance! Your patients can now hold their reading materials, or other near objects, at a 16-inch distance and still get 2x magnification!