Meade Autostar Suite with Lunar Planetary Imager

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  • Hook up your telescope to your PC
  • Direct your scope with a single mouse click
  • VGA resolution (640×480)
  • Part number 04520


Meade’s Autostar Suite is a gargantuan leap forward in guiding your Autostar II or Autostar #497 equipped telescopes

Using the software package included, you’ll be able to hook up your telescope to your PC, direct your scope with a single mouse click, and watch the confluence of computerized star charts with live electronic imagery.

To utilize the Autostar Suite software, you’ll need any Meade telescope with either the Autostar II or #497 Autostar computerized controllers.

This includes the LX200GPS line, ETX-90, ETX-105 & ETX-125 telescopes as well as the LX90 series.


  • Simple LP Imager hookup enables real-time displays of objects upon your PC’s screen
  • Automatic & manual exposure controls from .001 to 15 seconds
  • Automatically exposes multiple pictures and selects the superior images
  • Control your telescope remotely through an internet connection cable and an IP address
  • Talking telescope software translates Autostar text to your PC’s speakers