Meade Infinity 76mm Reflector 209009
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Meade Infinity 76mm Reflector


The Infinity 76mm reflector telescope has a 76mm aperture and focal length of 700mm (f/9.2). The Alt-azimuth mount includes a slow-motion control rod that allows for easy and quick viewing across different directions. With the included accessories such as a Red-Dot Viewfinder and two erect-image eyepieces – a 9mm (78x) and a 20mm (35x) – the Infinity 76mm comes complete with everything you need to view the wonders of the night sky the first time out.

Each Infinity telescope also comes with AutoStar® Suite Astronomer Edition Software on DVD. This bonus DVD will help you learn the night sky and displays more than 10,000 celestial objects including planets, stars, galaxies, and nebulae. Furthermore, the Infinity Series telescopes are perfect for the observer who views both astronomical and terrestrial objects – meaning, you can observe objects in both the sky and on land.

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