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Meade Series 4000 F/3.3 CCD focal reducer

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All Run-Out and Clearance items are many years old, however in good condition, unless stated otherwise.

Items will come in original packaging unless stated otherwise and shipping / supply may require some additional time.


  • Converts the optical systems of f/10 SST to f/3.3
  • Provides ultrafast CCD imaging with increased edge of field resolution and Color correction
  • 3-element multi-coated optics
  • 41mm clear aperture
  • Variable T-Adapter is included




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Meade #07567 Series 4000 F3.3 CCD Focal Reducer

  • Includes #61 Variable T-Adapter
  • Not used for visual observing
  • Not used for 35mm astrophotography


The Meade f/3.3 CCD focal reducer converts the optical systems of f/10 Schmidt Cassegrain telescopes to f/3.3, or that of f/6.3 Schmidt Cassegrains to f/2 for ultrafast CCD imaging and with increased edge of field resolution and color correction.

Mounted in its threaded cell, the f/3.3 CCD focal reducer attaches to the rear cells of all Meade LX series Schmidt Cassegrains and to other Schmidt Cassegrain brands as well and reduces CCD exposure times by up to 80 percent.

The 3 element, 41mm clear aperture optics are multi-coated to maximize light transmission.

Included with each f/3.3 CCD focal reducer is a variable T-adapter that allows a range of f/ratios between f/3 and f/5 on f/10 SCTs and between f/1.9 and f/3.2 on f/6.3 SCTs. The f/3.3 CCD focal reducer may be used with CCD imagers of any brand and chip dimensions and produces spectacular results.

Note, however, that the f/3.3 unit is not recommended for use in either visual or photographic imaging applications with film, APS or full-frame D/SLRs.