Mobase Stand for 3x, 3.5x, 4x

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  • Mount: Black sturdy plastic
  • Miscellaneous: Fits the Mobilux LED products: #1512-2, #1511-2, #1511-3, #1511-4 and #1511-41


$29.00 inc GST

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With the Mobase stand, Mobilux??LED hand-held magnifiers can now be used as stand magnifiers. It’s quick and easy to insert the Mobilux??LED hand-held magnifier into the?Mobase?stand and patients can change over to using the magnifier as a hand-held device at any time.

This Mobase stand is specifically designed to fit the following Mobilux Hand-held Magnifiers: 1512-2, 1511-2,?1511-3,?1511-4?and?1511-41.

There are 2 positions to choose from: the upright position allows for hands-free work behind the lens, such as threading a needle or filing nails.?When used in the flat position, users can easily slide their Mobilux? hand-held magnifier over the reading material.

Each of the 4?Mobase?stands has unique specifications that guarantee the correct viewing distance for every Mobilux??LED hand-held magnifier.