Mobase Stand for 7x

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  • Mount: Black sturdy plastic
  • Accessories: Fits the Mobilux LED products: #1511-7

$29.00 inc GST

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With the new?Mobase stand, (#1511-003) Mobilux?LED hand-held magnifiers can be used as a stand magnifier. This Mobase stand is specifically designed to fit the following Mobilux Hand-held Magnifier:?1511-7.

There are 2 positions to choose from: used in the upright position, the user has both hands free to work behind the lens, such as threading a needle or filing nails.

When used in the flat position, users can easily slide their Mobilux hand-held magnifier over the reading material.

Each of the 4?Mobase?stands has unique specifications that guarantee the correct viewing distance for every Mobilux?LED hand-held magnifier. It’s quick and easy to insert the Mobilux??LED into the?Mobase?stand and patients can change over to using the magnifier as a hand-held device at any time.

The 1511-003 model of the?Mobase?stand is equipped with a??” thread at the back of the stand which attaches easily to the tripod for even greater freedom and flexibility.

When attached to a tripod (#MATF-10C not included), the stand enables users to freely adjust the distance to the object of use and if the tripod is used, it can be utilized with ALL of the Mobilux??LED hand-held models.