Saxon 1.25″ Laser Collimator with 2″ Adapter

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the Saxon 1.25 Laser Collimator allows you to quickly and conveniently collimate your telescope.

Promising precise alignment of your telescope, this aluminium laser collimator has a bulls-eye target that allows you to easily adjust the telescope’s primary mirror by tweaking the adjustment screws. Collimation is successful once the laser beam hits the bulls-eye.


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Collimation is the proper alignment of the optical elements, lenses and mirrors in your telescope. Collimation is important for getting the best out of your scope, poor collimation will result in optical aberrations and distorted images
How do I know if my telescope needs collimation?
A badly collimated telescope will display poor star shapes and other aberrations that will spoil the view



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Focuser Size 1.25″ and 2″