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Saxon 114mm EQ Reflector Telescope


If you are looking for a quality, budget-friendly telescope to pursue your passion in astronomy, the saxon 114/1000 EQ Reflector Telescope is the perfect instrument for you.

This short-tube telescope comes with an aperture of 114mm and a long focal length of 1000mm, promising bright, sharp views of the Moon, planets and bright nebulae. Navigation of the night skies is made easy with the accompanying accessories of Super eyepieces, finderscope, German Equatorial mount and adjustable aluminium tripod with accessory tray.

The saxon 1141EQ Reflector Telescope will no doubt be your long-time companion in unravelling the mysteries of the universe.

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Invest in your passion with the saxon 114/1000 EQ Reflector Telescope.

This short-tube reflector telescope features a wide field of view, with a long focal length maximising your magnification. Views of the Moon, planets and bright nebulae is possible and easy with this portable scope.

The saxon 1141EQ Reflector Telescope features the following (specifications subject to change without prior notification):

  • 114mm aperture
  • 1000mm focal length (F/8.8)
  • 5×24 finderscope
  • Super eyepieces
  • German Equatorial EQ1 mount
  • Aluminium tripod with accessory tray.
Warranty Information 5-Years Limited Warranty
Optical Design Newtonian Reflector
Aperture 114mm
Highest Practical Power 228x
Focal Length 1000mm
Focal Ratio F/8.8
Eyepieces Super 25, Super 10 and SR4
Finderscope 5×24
Barlow Lens No
Diagonal No
Mount Type German Equatorial EQ-1
Tripod Aluminium

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