Saxon 909AZ3 90mm Refractor Telescope

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Take  saxon 90/900 AZ3 Refractor Telescope uses a multi-coated achromatic objective lens of 90mm and a focal length of 910mm to create high-resolution views. Combined with the scope’s rack-and-pinion system, you’ll easily be able to bring your images smoothly into focus.



  • Aperture: 3.5″ (90.0 mm)
  • Focal Length: 910 mm
  • Focal Ratio: F 10.1
  • Optical Design: Refractor
  • Eyepieces: (2x)
    • 25mm, 36X
    • 10mm, 91X
  • Mount Type: Manual Alt Azimuth (AZ3) with slow motion controllers
  • GoTo Feature: No
  • Tripod material: Aluminium
  • Focuser: 1.25 inch
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Finderscope: 6 x 30 mm


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Warranty Information 5-Years Limited Warranty
Optical Design Refractor
Aperture 90mm
Highest Practical Power 180x
Focal Length 910mm
Focal Ratio F/10.1
Eyepieces Super 25 and Super 10
Finderscope 6×30
Barlow Lens No
Diagonal 1.25″ 45° Erect Image Diagonal
Mount Type Alt-Azimuth
Tripod Aluminium
Optical Tube Dimensions 9 x 86.5cm
Optical Tube Weight 2.5kg
Shipping Dimensions 96 x 43 x 23cm3
Shipping Weight 10.4kg


The saxon 90/900 AZ3 Refractor Telescope is suitable for both land and sky viewing.

Get great views of the night sky with the telescope’s aperture of 90mm and focal length of 910mm. With a little practice, you’ll soon see Moon’s craters, Jupiter’s moons, bright nebulae and star clusters. When you’re not observing the night sky, use the scope to observe nature and scenery out at land or sea.

The saxon 909AZ3 Refractor Telescope features the following:

  • 90mm aperture
  • 910mm focal length
  • Multi-coated achromatic objective lens
  • Super eyepieces
  • 45 degree erecting prism, excellent for terrestrial viewing
  • 6×30 finderscope for easy location of objects
  • Pre-assembled tripod for convenient and quick assembly
  • Smooth rack-and-pinion 1.25″ focuser
  • 65% more light gathering power than 70mm telescopes
  • Accepted T-2 adapter ring for SLR cameras


Ideal for beginner astronomers and observers.