Saxon 9×50 Erecting Finderscope (90 degree)

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The Saxon 9×50 Erecting Finderscope (90 degrees) is the solution for those who find conventional finderscopes too confusing or disorienting.

The presence of an erecting prism in the finderscope provides you with correct image orientation so that you can look through the finderscope the same way you look at the sky.

90 degree viewing angle allows for a comfortable viewing position when looking overhead, and 9x magnification and 50mm aperture give a clear, crisp image.

Simplify your observation sessions with the Saxon 9×50 Erecting Finderscope (90 degrees).

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Conventional finderscopes got you disoriented? The saxon 9×50 Erecting Finderscope (90 degree) may well become your best friend for all your observation sessions.

Hone in on objects with the cross-hair reticle before you observe with your telescope. The 9x magnification and 50mm aperture on the  saxon 9×50 Erecting Finderscope (90 degree) will give you crisp and clear images as you search for stars and planets, while your neck will thank you for comfortable viewing angle afforde by the 90 degree viewing angle as you browse the night sky.

What many will appreciate from the  saxon 9×50 Erecting Finderscope (90 degree) will be that its image orientation is correct (upright, non-reversed). Look through your finderscope the same way you look at the sky.

Fits all dovetail mounting brackets.