Saxon X2-X4 Deluxe Stereo Microscope 20x-40x

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The Saxon PSB X2-4 Deluxe Stereo Microscope is a good entry-level stereo microscope that’s ideal for researchers of all ages.

This microscope comes with two magnifications of 20x and 40x, a 45-degree inclined binocular head and two illumination points to bring out the finer details of your object.

Housed in a rugged metal case, you can be sure of the durability and quality of this microscope.

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The metal bodied saxon PSB ( Prodigy Stereo Binocular) X2-4 Deluxe Stereo Microscope features a 20x & 40x magnification, a working distance of 76mm and ac powered illumination. This dual magnification microscope is suitable for collectors, hobbyists, students or teachers who wish to study and observe three-dimensional objects.

This microscope head is height adjustable and easy to shift to obtain different viewing angles. A 360 degree rotation can also be rotated to suit individual viewing preferences. Top and bottom illumination are available and the staging plates can be easily changed.

Whether it is used for schools, gemmology, geology, studying circuit boards and plants, this microscope is a great starting point. The metal clips on the stage keep your slides and subjects in place for easier viewing.

For added versatility or optical enhancement, the eyepieces can be removed and replaced with a suitable alternative.




Warranty Information 3-Years Limited Warranty
Eyepiece WF 10x
Magnification Range 20x, 40x
Objectives 2x, 4x
Field of View 20mm
Working Distance 76mm
Illumination LED reflected & transmitted
Head Type Binocular
Focus Coarse
Condenser N/A
Stage Type Black/White Contrast Plate, Frosted Glass
Stand Pillar
Power Supply  AC Power Supply or 3x AA Batteries
Weight ± 1.9kg