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Saxon ScopePix Smartphone Adapter 2s

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The Saxon ScopePix Smartphone Adapter 2s is compatible with any smartphone with Bluetooth capability, and fits on telescopes, binoculars, and microscopes.

Get rid of unwanted shaking and movement by utilising the Bluetooth Smartphone Camera Shutter remote.

The Bluetooth remote also allows for Burst shots and Video recording.


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The Saxon Scopepix Smartphone Adapter and a handy Bluetooth Smartphone Camera Shutter, a great accessory for use with your Microscope, Telescope or Binocular.

Using a remote is a great way to reduce shaking your phone while taking a photo, improving photo detail.

Take photos of the moon, planets or birds and animals to share with your friends, or catalogue and record your microscopic slide samples…

(Camera not included, requires smart phone and telescope, microscope or binocular)