Saxon Telescope Bag (110cm)

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The Saxon 110cm padded telescope carry bag is built with quality and durable nylon for secure storage of you telescope and accessories.

Key features:

  • 110 cm long
  • Padded for telescope protection
  • Includes accessory / eyepiece carry pouch
  • Includes shoulder strap

$149.95 inc GST

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The internal dimension of length 105cm x width 24cm x height 26cm allows you to store telescopes and/or tripods from aperture 60mm to 200mm.

Your eyepieces, finderscope, diagonal, collimator, and other smaller accessories can be stored in the accessories pouch that is included in this padded carry bag.

Suits the following telescopes:


607AZ2 Refractor Telescope/ #214104
705AZ3 Pioneer Refractor Telescope/ #214107
707AZ2 Refractor Telescope/ #214110
709AZ3 Refractor Telescope/ #214113
709EQ Refractor Telescope/ #211101
804AZ3 Pioneer Refractor Telescope/ #214117
909AZ3 Refractor Telescope/ #214120
1026AZ3 SC Refractor Telescope with Steel Tripod/ #214224
1025AZ3 Pioneer Refractor Telescope/ #214124
1206AZ3 Pioneer Refractor Telescope/ #214127
767AZ Reflector Telescope/ #224101
1145AZ Reflector Telescope/ #224103
1149EQ Reflector Telescope/ #221101
1149EQ Reflector Telescope with Motor Drive/ #221201
1141EQ Reflector Telescope/ #221104
1141EQ Reflector Telescope with Motor Drive/ #221204
AstroSeeker 90MAK Cassegrain Telescope [WiFi Enabled with Hand Controller] #244490
AstroSeeker 127MAK Cassegrain Telescope [WiFi Enabled with Hand Controller]\ #244412
AstroSeeker 13065 Reflector Telescope [WiFi Enabled with Hand Controller]  #224413
150DS Astrophotography Newtonian Telescope/ #220015
200DS Astrophotography Newtonian Telescope/ #220020



Starsense Explorer LT 70AZ
Starsense Explorer LT 80AZ
Starsense Explorer DX 102
Starsense Explorer LT 114AZ
Starsense Explorer LT 127AZ
Starsense Explorer DX 5″
Starsense Explorer DX 6″
NexStar 4SE
NexStar 5SE
NexStar 6SE
Astro Fi 90
Astro Fi 130
Astromaster 70AZ
Astromaster 114EQ

Sky Watcher:

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