Sky-Watcher Stargate 18" Dobsonian
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Sky-Watcher Stargate 18″ Dobsonian


  • Fused conical primary mirror
  • Cellular secondary mirror
  • Dual speed 2” Crayford focuser
  • Two section truss poles (compact transport)
  • Minimalist, all metal construction
  • Fast f/4.1 optics for short eyepiece heights
  • 18” provides 27% more light than a 16” telescope
  • 94% reflectivity coatings

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Stargate Mirror

Our superior optics just got better

Stargate’s feature Sky-Watcher’s exclusive fused conical parabolic mirrors. The fused design allows for thinner mirror construction that provides faster cooling and lighter weight.

Combined with the cast cellular secondary mirror and Sky-Watcher’s exclusive 94% reflectivity coatings, Stargate delivers bright, detailed views of your favorite deep sky objects. The 18 inch model captures 27% more light than our 16 inch, while the 20 inch (a full half meter of aperture) boasts a monster 56% more light gathering power.


Stargate parts

Solid foundations, easy assembly

The minimalist all-metal structure of the Stargate produces a sturdy and stable platform while maintaining a convenient and compact footprint. The truss-tubes break down to a very manageable 36 inch length for easy transport. Azimuth and altitude bearings are steel and Teflon for smooth, steady movement.

Setting up a Stargate is a simple procedure, taking only about 20 minutes. Spring loaded truss anchor points are clearly labeled to eliminate any frustration or confusion. Adjustable feet make leveling a snap.



  • Newtonian Reflector
  • Aperture: 458 mm (18”)
  • Focal Length: 1900 mm (74.8 in)
  • Focal Ratio: f4
  • Central Obstruction: 120 mm, 26%
  • High quality/precision parabolic mirror
  • Low-expansion borosilicate glass for both primary mirror & secondary mirror
  • Lowest Useful magnification 65x
  • 0.25-arc second resolving power (Dawes) and 0.28 arc seconds resolving power  (Rayleigh) & 16 stellar magnitude
  • Portable, quick-assemble truss structure
  • Fully Illuminated Field: 44 mm
  • Finder Scope 8×50 finder scope
  • Eye Piece LET 2″-28; SPL10