Star Adventurer Counter Weight


The Star Adventurer weight is an optional 1kg counter weight accessory for increasing the payload and support of the mount. The counterweight bar can be connected to the adjustable dovetail bar for balancing a telescope or a camera with a telephoto lens.

  • Weight: 1kg
  • Connects to: Adjustable dovetail bar
  • Included only with: Star Adventurer Pro 2i Kit (package)


$44.99 inc GST

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The Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer tracking mount comes in the following kit types/packages:


Star Adventurer 2i – Photo kit

  • Counter weight is not included in the Photo kit


Star Adventurer 2i – Astro kit

  • Counter weight is not included in the Astro kit


Star Adventurer 2i – Pro kit (pro pack)

  • this kit includes the counter weight


and the Star Adventurer MINI (SAM)

  • Counter weight is not included in the Mini kit


The counter  balance kit includes the weight shaft and one adjustable 1kg weight.

To balance the camera, adjust the weight up and down the shaft so the camera or weight will not rotate around any direction.

Required for large camera and lens systems to support the motor drive performance.