ZWO 1.25″ Electronic Filter Wheel (EFW7X36-II)

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The Electronic Filter Wheel (EFW7X36-II) offers 7x 36mm filter slots and is usb powered (5v), which can be operated from the cooled cameras CMOS’s USB hub.

Key features:


  • For use with:
    • ZWO 36mm LRGB and SHO filter set
    • ZWO cameras
    • Monochrome camera systems
  • Reduces time required for manual filter swapping


  • Benefits of a mono camera;
    • Minimize the effects of light pollution
    • Excels at capturing emission nebulae
    • Photograph fainter objects
    • Image during the full moon
    • Ability to capture a wider range of objects


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The ZWO Electronic Filter Wheel has 7 positions for 36mm filters, a must have for monochrome camera systems for astrophotography.

  • The heart of the EFW uses quality Japanese step motors produced by Nippon Pulse Motors, which are be very reliable.
  • When photographing, you can rotate the EFW in both counter clockwise or clockwise direction for filter selection.
  • You can connect your camera to the EFW with a 1.25″ nosepiece or simply thread it directly to the M42 interface




Depth: 20mm
No of filter slots: 7
Filter size: 36mm (1.5 – 3.0mm thick)
Material: Aluminium
Power: 5v DC (USB)
Max power consumption: 120mAh
Colour: Black