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Released by ZWO for its 10th anniversary, the AM5 features high performance strain wave gears creating a precision and intelligent light weight mount built to meet the demands of modern astronomers

Key Features

  1. High Precision: The AM5 Strain Wave Gear Mount is equipped with a special harmonic reducer achieve highprecision control. The Periodic Error (PE) is stable within ±20 arcseconds and offers a high torque output allowing the use of large loads without the need for a counter- weight. Each mount includes a chart of its own individual PE error curve
  2. High Load: the AM5 body weighs 5.5kg. It can carry a payload of up to 13kg without counterweight. This is increased to 20 kg if an optional counterweight is used
  3. Customized Control System: The mount is features a highly customized control software with over the air (OTA) upgrade capability
  4. Dual Mode: The AM5 mount is capable of both equatorial and altazimuth modes making it suitable for both visual and imaging. use 
  5. No Restrictions On Areas of Use: The AM5 is designed with an elevation angle of 0-90 degrees and can be used anywhere from the equator to the polar regions

6. Physical Hand Controller + APP Control: The AM5 can be controlled via the included hand controller or, for a modern feel, via mobile phone or tablet using our AM5 app. The app offers an onscreen joystick combined with the convenient tools such as Best Objects of the Evening, a built in star map with realtime display and GOTO functions. There is no need to connect to a computer, the mount and hand controller connect via WiFi.


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Other advantages

  1. Wide Range of Tripod Options: Users may choose from the matching TC40 carbon fiber tripod or use an existing tripod. The mount is compatible with tripods from various manufacturers
  1. Fully Sealed Gearbox Design: prevents the strain wave gear from corrosion and maintains a consistent performance
  2. In Built Home Position Finder: Users may find home by use of the single key GOTO home feature which uses a mechanical sensor
  3. Power-off Braking: In the event of power failure, brakes are instantly applied to prevent the telescope and equipment from falling and resulting in damage or injury

5. Seamless Connectivity: The AM5 offers a wide variety of connection possibilities. Users may command the AM5 via the ASIAIR for the ultimate in modern mount control using a cable or WiFi connection. For ASCOM/INDI users, the AM5 connects to your astronomy software via our free ASCOM/INDI drivers, allowing the seamless use of other astronomy software