ZWO ASI294MC Colour USB Camera

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The ASI 294 MC Colour USB Camera offers exceptional low-illumination performance.

A 0.14 lx is realized by use of a large-size optical system and by expanding the area per pixel to 4.63 µm. This makes the IMX294CJK ideal sensor for astronomic camera market applications which requires low-illumination performance.

ASI294 has a 14bit ADC and can achieve 13 stops of dynamic range which is even better than the ASI160.

It is not recommended for primarily deep space photography, AOC suggest a fan cooled model for all deep space object long exposure photography.


Key features:

  • Colour or Monochromatic: Colour
  • Fan Cooled: No
  • Sensor Model: Sony IMX294, CMOS
  • Sensor Size: 4/3 Inch (21.63 mm diagonal)
  • Resolution: 4144 x 2822
  • Megapixel: 11.71
  • Pixel Size: 4.63 micrometers (µm)
  • Max Analogue to Digital Converter Resolution: 14 bit


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The ASI294MC is the first camera in the world that equipped with SONY latest sensor IMX294CJK which adopts the type 4/3 format, and realizes output of the number of pixels needed for 4K at 120 frame per second.

In the Analogue Digital Converter 10-bit output mode, the ASI294MC can run up to 25fps at 4k format base on USB3.0 bandwidth. In addition, use of a large-size pixel achieves SNR1s of 0.14 lx* which is very close to the value of ASI224(0.13 lx*).




Sensor: 4/3″ SONY IMX294 CMOS
Diagonal: 23.2mm
Resolution:  4144 x 2822
Mega Pixels: 11.7
Pixel Size: 4.63µm
Bayer Pattern: RGGB
Shutter: Rolling Shutter
Exposure Range: 32µs — 2000s
ROI: Supported
Non-volatile memory/On camera storage: Build-in total 192K byte user-accessible space(image size up to 480X320)
Interface: USB3.0/USB2.0
Focus Distance to Sensor: 17.5mm
ST4 Guider Port: Yes
Protect window: AR coated window
Read Noise: 1.2e
QE peak: 75%
Full well: 63.7 ke
ADC: 12 / 14 Bit
Interface: USB3.0/USB2.0
Adaptor: 2″, 1.25″, M42 x 0.75
Operating System Compatibility: Mac, Windows, Linux
Dimension: φ62mm X 36mm
Weight: 120g (without lens)
Working Temperature:  -5°C — 45°C
Storage Temperature:  -20°C — 60°C
Working Relative Humidity: 20% — 80%
Storage Relative Humidity: 20% — 95%
Max FPS at full resolution:  12 Bit ADC 4144 × 2822 19 fps
Max FPS at full resolution:  14 Bit ADC 4144 × 2822 16 fps