ZWO Filter Drawer M42

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The ZWO 2-inch Filter Drawer with 21mm ring design is independently developed by ZWO, which includes M42 * 0.75 male thread (camera side) and M48 * 0.75 female thread (filter end), M48 * 0.75 female thread (telescope side).


Key features:

  • Useful option for using single filters
  • Includes filter holder and 1x filter holder
  • The filter drawer also comes with the M48-M42 adapter. You can use it with your camera or your telescope.
  • Side locking screw, helpful on adjusting the tension to eliminate the gap


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ZWO M42 Filter Drawer is Suitable for 2-inch astronomical filters and has useful magnets to help secure the drawer.




Size: M42 * 0.75 male(external) thread (camera side)
M48 * 0.75 female(internal) thread (filter end)
M48 * 0.75 female(internal) thread (telescope side)
Thickness: 21 mm (25 mm including thread)
Material: Metal alloy