ZWO Seestar 50 Smart Scope

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The Seestar S50 telescope is lightweight and intelligent, and simplifies the tedious but rewarding process
of outdoor astrophotography, making it the first choice for beginners in astrophotography.

View and capture the wonders of the night sky using your smart device coupled to this Smart camera equipped telescope.


  • Hard Case
  • Tripod
  • Solar Filter.



$899.00 inc GST

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Key Features:

  • Lightweight Design: Highly integrated All-in-One smart telescope, electrical focuser, astronomical camera, ASIAIR, altazimuth mount, dew heater and filter wheel into one
    compact body, with a self-weight of only 2.5kg.
  • Clean, crisp, low noise images: Seestar S50 allows you to create stunning images
    using the live stacking mode. The more images you capture the more color and details
    will grow before your eyes.
  • Intelligent Workflow: Auto GoTo, tracking and plate solve Smart control on Seestar
  • Dual Photography Mode: Stargazing, photography, intelligent superposition, post-processing, proficient in everything.
  • Database: Astronomical database, Star atlas, Encyclopedia, and Tonight’s best
  • Global Astro Community: Share works, communicate with friends online, get
    real-time weather information and more.
  • Self-developed System: The use of ZWO independent research and development of
    the motherboard, making the whole system run more stable, more convenient in the later
    after-sales service. The self-developed system combines a number of ZWO patented
    technologies to ensure system stability and shooting accuracy in use, while continuing to
    iterate APP development and upgrading in the later stage, increasing product functions
    and improving user experience.
  • Dual narrow-band filter: Considering that most users are in the light pollution area, we
    have added dual narrow-band light filter (bandwidth OIII 30nm/Ha 20nm) on the
    hardware, and users can manually switch to the light pollution filter in the App.