Celestron Telescope AC adapter 18779

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The Celestron Telescope 12 Volt AC adapter is the ideal accessory for your computerized telescope.

  • Power the telescope from your home AC 240v output.
  • 2 Amp rated, suitable for most Celestron telescopes, see below list.
  • Removes the need to use batteries.

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Enjoy your telescope without batteries with this AC adapter! When using your telescope at home or near any wall outlet, you can enjoy hours of uninterrupted observing.

Running your telescope off of AC power is hassle-free and much more reliable than other methods, especially in cool temperatures, when batteries can lose charge quickly.

Compatible with the following Celestron computerized telescopes:

  • Advanced VX
  • Astro Fi
  • Nexstar Evolution (Evolution comes with an equivalent AC adapter)
  • Nexstar SLT
  • Nexstar SE
  • LCM series
  • Sky Prodigy Series
  • Advanced Series
  • CPC & CPC deluxe HD *

* CPC Deluxe HD Series—This adapter is sufficient for most visual observing with a balanced telescope. However, for astroimaging using additional equipment, the 5 amp adapter is recommended.