ZWO Astrophotography

What makes ZWO the Best Astrophotography Cameras On the Market?

ZWO has long been considered the market leader in CMOS USB cameras. We have a range of cameras to suit every user level.

Deep-Sky imaging

Famous low noise cooled ZWO ASI cameras. Color or Mono CMOS sensors to be cooled to 35C to 40C degrees below ambient!.

Sun & Moon imaging

Our ASI174MM/MC with a resolution 2.3 Mega Pixels is the best solution for serious astronomers who want to capture the Sun or Moon in all its beauty.

Planetary Imaging

Our planetary cameras are among the most used planetary cameras in the world. Ideal for all amateur astrophotographers working in the field.

Name: Kym ThalassoudisInstagram: n/aCamera: ZWO ASI 533MC ProTelescope:Takahashi Sky-90 90mmSubject: The iconic Horsehead Nebula in OrionPhoto Taken: n/aImage Duration: Single 3min exposure from a dark sky site  Software: ASIAIR App. No processing Filters used: IR/UV Cut  Photo Information: n/a

Astrophotography cameras and accessories

Off Axis Guider


Guide Scopes

Filter Wheels

ASIAIR Plus Smart WiFi Controller

About ZWO

ZWO is a world-renowned company focusing on the development of innovative products in the field of astrophotography. They specialize in the production of CMOS cameras, smart astro imaging devices and astrophotography accessories. The company was founded by Sam Wen in November 2011, with its headquarters based in the Chinese city of Suzhou. Sam Wen is an amateur astronomer with a love of planetary imaging, and it was this interest that drove him to create ZWO. Sam was dissatisfied with the planetary cameras available in 2011, which were mainly based on internet webcams, so he created the world’s first dedicated planetary CMOS camera, the ASI130MM. This camera was a huge success and created a market hungry for ZWO products.

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