Saxon 1.25″ Variable Projection Camera Adapter

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Saxon Variable Projection Camera Adapter

  • Allows you to connect you SLR camera body to your telescope
  • Metal construction, two parts that slide to vary your magnification
  • T-Mount ring is required for connection to your camera type (sold separately)
  • Fits 1.25 inch focus barrels


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Get your pictures just right with the Saxon 1.25″ Variable-Projection Camera Adapter!

The sliding cell can be fixed at any point along its length, giving you variable projection distances during eyepiece projection photography, making it unnecessary to swap between eyepieces for additional magnification.

  • Prime focus photography is also possible with the separable thread-in unit.
  • Will fit all 1.25″ ( Not suitable for all scopes – call to verify compatibility )
  • 35mm cameras require the use of a T-ring.