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ZWO ASI AIR Power Supply

SKU: ZWO DC12V5A-CN Categories: , ,

The ZWO ASI AIR Power Supply has a 12vDC output with a maximum 5.0Amp output limit which is sufficient to power your ASI AIR Plus and ZWO cooled cameras.

  • Total output is 60Watts, 5.0Amps.
  • Provides power to the ASI AIR Plus, which has 4x DC 12v Outputs which can be controlled and switched via the ASI AIR Plus APP.



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The AC to DC power supply, offers a 12vDC output from a 240vAC power point for powering the ASI AIR Plus .



Voltage output (DC): 12
Current output (Amps): 5
Power (Watts): 60
AC Plug Type: Australian
Centre Pin Polarity: Positive
Plug Size (External): 5.5mm
Pin Size (Internal): 2.1mm
Lead length (meters): 2

Current and voltage outputs are a maximum rating, and you will need to know your total power requirements when using the ASI AIR DC 12v outputs to power other devices, your maximum current is 5.0 amps / 60 Watts from this power supply.